Delta Tales Players and Singers

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Steven “Ace” Acker

(Producer / Arranger / Guitar / Background Vocals)

David Granati

(Recording Engineer / Guitarist)

Steve Schuffert

(Guitarist / Songwriter / Producer)

Hermie Granati

(Keyboards / Voice / Songwriter / Producer)

Joe Macre


Jeff Bremer


Bambo Kino

(Bassist / Composer)

George Perilli


John Sferra

(Drummer / Guitarist / Songwriter / Singer)

Shawn Mayer


Rozz (Bunchie) Coleman


Kelly Connors

(Singer / Actress / Songwriter / Poet)

Bob Esterle


Jacob Wynne


Katherine O’Neill


Eddie Costa


Mike Talanca

(Recording Engineer)

Mark Francis


Chuck Hall


Marceia Bonin