Sun King Rising, formerly known as The Sun King Reborn is the solo Americana/Rock project by composer and piano player John Blangero from Port Isabel, Texas.

Steeped in the tradition of southern rock and country soul, John writes songs that are influenced by such classic artists as Leon Russell, Joe Cocker, and Dan Penn. Yet, John's work is colored by his own musical style.

The music is filled with memorable hooks, rocking piano, driving rhythms, and a powerful horn section. The songs of Sun King Rising will fill your dreams with memories of lost loves, warm nights under the magnolia trees, sweet gospel music, and all-night parties at the local honky tonk.

From poignant country soul ballads to up-tempo classic rock, Sun King Rising provides a musical background for the lives of the southern working class.

Sun King Rising is currently in the studio finishing their debut album “Delta Tales.”

Besides his organic Sun King Rising project, John is also the lead singer and principal composer in the Pittsburgh-based progressive rock band, Harlequin Reborn.

He is also the COO of The World Prog Project

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